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Annulus Lubrication Filling (ALF) Valve

Reducing the time – and minimising damage – during annulus top-ups

The Well-Centric Annulus Lubrication Filling (ALF) Valve is a device designed to save operators valuable time and money during annulus top-ups.

An annulus top-up is, traditionally, carried out by lubricating the annulus with fluid and then bleeding it to ensure there is no trapped air. This can be time consuming on single outlet wellheads where there is only one gate valve to access the annulus. 

The innovative ALF Valve allows the annulus to be filled whilst simultaneously providing a conduit for the air trapped in the annulus to be expelled. 

In doing this, it also minimises damage to the casing shoe by eliminating numerous pressure cycles whilst lubricating the annulus.

ALF Render 2