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Gate Valve Milling Tool

Well-Centric’s Gate Valve Milling Tool is a surface milling tool. It is designed to provide access to obstructed wells by milling through stuck or inoperable gate valves or other blockages which compromise the integrity of a well.

The Milling Tool is unique in its design. With no lubricator required to add drill rods, a powerful motor and a selection of mill bit functions, this compact tool is perfect for regaining well entry and restoring wellbore integrity even in the toughest scenarios.

This innovative product includes several applications where bits can be changed out for magnets, brushes or scrapers, providing additional clean-out capability. The Gate Valve Milling Tool helps reinstate production safely, quickly and efficiently with minimal operator downtime. 


  • Quicker, easier and safer to rig-up and rig-down
  • Reduced milling time restores wellbore integrity quickly - drills through gate valves in under 3 hours
  • Shut-in wells are brought back online quickly and easily
  • Reduces operational costs and non-productive time
  • Requires fewer personnel
  • Reduced footprint, operable in smaller, restrictive spaces
  • Multiple mill bit functions increase operational efficiency 
  • Barriers provided for live-well entry


  • Onshore or offshore use
  • Drills through stuck or inoperable gate valves and other near wellhead blockages
  • Drills through restrictions up to 7”
  • Operable in live well conditions
  • Powerful hydraulic motor
  • Custom mill bits with specialist, super hard, cutting faces allow milling through tough tungsten carbide faced gates
  • A cutting fluid injection system cools and lubricates the mill while simultaneously clearing debris from the mill zone
  • A selection of mill bit functions enables multiple operations to take place with one tool, including milling, scraping, brushing and debris and swarf removal
  • Failsafe pull-to-shear milling bits prevent getting stuck in hole
  • Side entry drill rod installation means no lubricator is required, saving rig-up height
  • Specialist triple primary seal assembly with conventional backup seal assembly, allowing in-situ replacement if required
  • Used in conjunction with relevant valves/pump-in subs to maintain well control and integrity.

Gate Valve Milling Tool