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Preventing wire breaks and reducing down time

Well-Centric’s SafeStop is a revolutionary but simple device designed to help eliminate wire breaks and improve the safety and efficiency of wireline operations. 

Situated below the lubricator, directly above the BOP, the SafeStop  acts as both a tool trap and active safety system, automatically cutting the hydraulic power to the wireline unit when the toolstring is retrieved into the lubricator.

The SafeStop acts as a pneumatically operated tool trap with the added functionality of  automatically stopping the winch when a toolstring enters the bore during retrieval.  This allows the operator to safely pull the toolstring into the lubricator in a controlled and safe manner.

A number of features sets this apart from other devices:

  • Acts as both a pneumatic, hydraulic or manual tool trap.
  • Automatically detects the toolstring and stops the winch, preventing winch operators from heavily tagging the toolstring against the stuffing box and weakening the wire.
  • Simple and passive interface with the winch unit.
  • Both tool trap and sensing system operable from one control box in the winch.

This innovative device requires minimal operator input.  Its primary function is to act as an indicator to allow operators to bring the toolstring back home in a controlled and safe manner.