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Wellhead Clamps

Providing stabilisation and support to reduce risk in ageing wells

Wellhead Clamps

The age of an increasing numbers of offshore wells means their integrity has become compromised over the years, especially under the extreme conditions imposed by the sea.  Some wells have begun to show signs of excessive movement. In order to prevent a potentially catastrophic incident, wellhead clamps are being used to alleviate this movement.

We have been approached by a number of operators to solve movement issues with wells. These issues range from supporting requirements to centralisation requirements.

Developing a bespoke solution

The Well-Centric engineering team have worked with our clients to develop well-specific designs that ensure the clamps are suited to the particular type of movement experienced by each well. The fundamentals of each design has been to reduce the risk of the wells being damaged by the excessive movement, thus allowing the wells to produce for longer and reducing the risk of catastrophic failure.

Keep your wells producing safely for longer

Well movement issues are becoming increasingly common. Our engineering team can offer preventative measures and corrective solutions to ensure your wells continue producing safely for longer.