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Keeping your wells working

We understand how much is at stake in well integrity and production. It’s about protecting your business and your reputation, as well as the safety of your employees.

That’s why you can rely on Well-Centric to provide you with total well and wellhead servicing, designed to reduce risks, improve safety and help deliver greater efficiency.

We provide assured maintenance, repair and refurbishment on any wellhead, anywhere, and deliver an accelerated, safe and efficient repair service, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum and helping to extend the life of your assets. We know how important it is to keep your wells working.

Employing experienced industry professionals, we combine a leading maintenance service with specialist engineering, reliable inventory & material management and comprehensive workshop services to meet all current and future well and wellhead integrity challenges.

From scheduled day-to-day maintenance and inspections, to management and certification of assets, through to specialist repairs and creatively engineered solutions, we bring you total wellhead servicing.