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Sealant Pumping and Leak Repair

Ensuring pressure integrity is a fundamental characteristic of well integrity and pumping sealant can be a cost effective method of curing leaks without having to carry out expensive intervention or workover operations.

We have been performing sealant pumping and leak repair operations for our wellhead maintenance clients for a number of years. Our products of choice are Alchemy’s range of sealants and gels. All our field technicians and many of our onshore team are trained on Alchemy’s products.

Sealant pumping applications include:

  • Surface leaks such as flange connections and ball & gate valves
  • Wellhead applications such as gate valves and actuators, tubing and casing hangers and ring gaskets
  • Downhole applications such as surface controlled sub-surface safety valves and associated control lines

Well-Centric and Alchemy work together with our clients to determine the best product for the leak type and the best way to inject the sealant. Pumping is carried out by Well-Centric field maintenance technicians alongside our especially designed Sealant Injection Tool, custom made to hold sufficient quantities of sealant so to reduce waste and pump at sufficient rates, making operations as efficient as possible.