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Workshop Repair and Refurbishment

Well-Centric has a fully equipped workshop that allows us to provide complete maintenance, repair and refurbishment of equipment to API 6A standards as operational needs necessitate. The workshop allows us to provide as a minimum:

  • Maintenance, repair and refurbishment of wellheads, xmas trees and associated components
  • Maintenance, repair and refurbishment of well service and well intervention related equipment and associated components
  • Assembly, functioning testing and pressure testing of new wellheads and xmas trees
  • Wellhead and xmas tree stack-up testing and functioning
  • Disassembly, cleaning, inspection, measurement, servicing, reassembly and testing of equipment from the field
  • Reverser engineer and rebuild of tree blocks and associated components
  • Valve & actuator repair
  • Gate & seat re-facing
  • Stem & actuator re-surfacing
  • Re-cladding of hard metal facing
  • Repair & refurbishment of wireline pressure control equipment
  • Maintenance & repair of high pressure pumps
  • Maintenance & repair of well control units/well services panels
  • Light sand blasting and painting
  • Degreasing and pressure washing
  • Certification and QA/QC inspection

We can handle large equipment and high workloads. Refurbished components are returned to service with a significant reduction in delivery time and cost.