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Material Management and Inventory

At Well-Centric, we understand that field operations require an efficient support network. Ensuring your equipment is available where and when you need it is pivotal to the success of projects. Understanding what equipment you have ensures new parts and equipment are not purchased unnecessarily.

Well-Centric have a long track record of providing material management and inventory services. We have strong systems in place, using the best software and technology that enable us to have a real-time, clear picture of all material stored at our large warehouse in Dyce, Aberdeen.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is combined with our inventory tracking software to accurately and efficiently locate equipment. Handheld mobile guns track and monitor the location and movement of equipment within our facilities.

Established E-Max software is used for inventory management, asset document storage and instant status reporting of all client owned material in our control.

Our large warehouse facilities are complimented by experienced personnel, established systems and supporting technology to ensure we are in complete control of the inventory and material trusted upon us by our clients.